Lake Alfred CENTENNIAL "The Good Ole' Days" - 2015

Good Ole' Days - 2016  (Citrus History)

Good Ole' Days - 2017  (Railroad History)​

2nd Lake Alfred Heritage Festival

First Lake Alfred Heritage Festival

"The Grateful Alive"

In November 2015 Lake Alfred ended its Centennial celebrations with an event entitled "The Good Ole' Days" which was held at Lions Park.  The day was packed full of fun activities and wrapped up with music and fireworks over Lake Alfred.  This joint venture between the City, Lake Alfred Historical Society, Lake Alfred Chamber of Commerce, Lake Alfred Lions Club, and local businesses was a great success!!  The event carried on as "Good Ole' Days" throughout the fall of 2016 and 2017 focusing on Lake Alfred's rich history in the Citrus and Railroad industries and was moved into town on E Pomelo Street.  Each year featured a mixture of Antique/Classic Car Shows, Rockin' Music, Street Dance, Contests, Games, Local Vendors, Lots of History and, of course, an event favorite . . our 1950's Diner!  The past successes were the inspiration to expand to a true American Heritage venue which began on February 23, 2019 . . Lake Alfred Heritage Festival.

Our First Annual Lake Alfred Heritage Festival got off to a great start!  American History Demonstrations by Florida Artist Blacksmith Association (FABA) and Civil War Historian, Glenn Barfoot, were well received as crowds visited throughout the day to chat, ask questions, and learn.  One of Lake Alfred's resident artists, Margaret Wheaton, commemorated the day with a  pencil/water color rendering of the FABA Blacksmiths at work.  President Abraham Lincoln was seen visiting here and there and stopped by the Library to have some fun with members of the Teen Advisory Board.  Our Historical Museum reported record visits for the day, as well as our downtown businesses.  Attendees enjoyed the atmosphere created by "The Olde Market Place", the wonderful old Antique/Classic autos , the "Good Ole' Days" 1950's DINER, Music, Dance, Bake Sales and more!  And . . of course, our fearless Police and Firemen were on hand to share valuable information with young and old.  Stay tuned . . Already making plans for 2020 and onward!!

We expanded the format of our 2nd Annual Lake Alfred Heritage Festival in 2020 to include "Lake Alfred Junction" an authentic 1800's Village representing Pioneers, Trades, and American Indian Culture.  The Florida Frontiersmen, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving our American Heritage, was our primary supporter for this venture, along with Indian Historians, Jeremy Bryant and Otter and Dakota Shaw.  For 40+ years, The Florida Frontiersmen have conducted the Alafia River Rendezvous each January on their Homeland, Florida property.  "Lake Alfred Junction" also hosted a beautifully restored 1800's Chuck Wagon displaying period artifacts presented by Matt and Susan Vaughn, and a funny entertaining 1800's Magician/Medicine Man (P.T. Mortimer) portrayed by Greg Solomon.  "The Olde Market Place" boasted a fantastic selection of creative, diversified wares and many interesting educational Historical Exhibits.  The "Good Ole' Days" DINER was back better than ever, in addition to Live Music, Dance, Bake Sales, Games, and more!!  An enjoyable day for all!!  

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